Coyote Moon

The bastards.
Run the store, hell!

They took over.
Well, don't just sit there.
Bring me the tank.

They chained me
to that chair back there.

Told everybody l was in the hospital.
No visitors allowed.

They starved me
and then they beat me.

And they was my nephews.
lmagine that!

They hoped l'd die, but I didn't.
And then you come along
and killed them.

l know where they hid their money.
- You can have it all.
- Don't want your money.

Well, then, take a truck.
Make a run for it.

- No. l've got some unfinished business.
- What business?

- You know the Hogans?
- Oh, you gonna kiIl them too?

My advice is go ahead and kill them.
Yeah. Wipe out the whole
poisonous nest.

- All of them?
- AbsoIutely.

But what about them?
My kin folk?

My mess.
l'll take care of it.

Where you going now?
- Get a bite to eat.
- Straight ahead.

And Rhonda's apple pie is famous
in these here parts.

- Thanks.
- Oh, no. Thank you.

- He's still alive.
- I figured he would be.

Trouble on the hoof,
and it's coming this way.