Coyote Moon

- Get out!
- Where the hell you going?

- l can't dance aIl by myself.
- You promised...

to take us to the bus depot.
- We want to go home!
- One more dance, please?

No more dancing. l want to go home.
l'm not putting--

You'll go when l goddamn tell you to go!
Now you dance!

No more shooting!
Please, l beg you, pIease!

l teIl you what.
The next round is on the house.

- Yeah !
- The next round is in your foot!

Now, dance!
Can't we aIl just get along?

- l don't want to get along.
- Ah.

Hey, Jack. Your girls here
seem to have a thing...

for this sissy in his sissy hat.
What are you looking at?
l own your ass.

You're a very naughty boy.

You're one smart motherfucker,
ain't you?

- Thank you.
- Make him dead.

Who's next?
Drop your guns.
Hey, mister,
take us with you.

- Okay. Pick up the guns.
- God! Oh, my God!

You have just dispatched three
of my best customers. l am a ruined man!

Prithee, sir, who is going to pay
for all this damage?

- My new boss.
- And who might that person be?