Coyote Moon

What about me and Jess?
You two are
the unfortunate results...

of some recreational fucking
back when fucking was fun.

Get over it.
We got company.
And they're closing fast.
They got us outgunned!

As soon as we round the bend, jump!
I'm a chemist.
l'm not a doctor.

lt looks like he may have a concussion
and possibly some internal injuries.

- He should be in a hospital.
- Okay, Chang, go back to work.

- He's your son.
- You're goddamn right he is!

- You sure you're okay, boy?
- Yeah, Dad, just a headache.

l'm gonna get some real firepower.
Wait a minute. Daddy! Think about it.
Why would they attack us?

We're in business together.
lt don't make no sense.

A man shoots at me and mine,
l shoot back and ask questions later.

l'm paying 500 bucks a head, and that
weaselly little rat-fuck lves is mine!

- l want you to stay in and rest.
- l'll rest when l'm dead, Daddy.

Hell, they tried to kill me too.
WelI, ain't you a block
off the old chip.

We're going pig hunting tonight.