Coyote Moon

Always forget how easy it is
to sneak up on a white man.

I've been thinking
about your problem.

You been wanting to die
for how Iong now?

A year? You're not dead yet?
lt's easy to come up with 100 reasons
to take the journey...

but you only need one
to go on living.

l don't have one.
WeIl, what about Rhonda?
She's a nice girl.

Ought to marry her,
have some kids.

Hey, there's something
moving down there.

Looks Iike a bunch of white guys
with bushes on their heads.

Old ''divide and conquer'' working, huh?
Should we even the odds?
- Thought we got rid of you!
- Think again!

Answer me one thing!
- How come you tried to kill us tonight?
- Stop firing!

Stop firing!
- Forgot, huh?
- Forgot what?

Your hired gun
wasted three of mine!

At the Bomb Bay!
l don't take that laying down !

- What hired gun?
- Ramsey, you piece of shit.

You know.
Your man with the Colt .45.

Matt, that's the guy
from the dry lake.

lt's gotta be!
- You toId me you killed him.
- l did!

- What the hell is he talking about?
- Stop firing!