Coyote Moon

The guy with the motorcycle.
- lt ain't my fault!
- You told me it would be no trouble!

lt ain't my fault! Petey was supposed
to cap him. He told me he would.

There you go, screwing up again!
- You just keep screwing up!
- Lay off me, man !

- When are you gonna learn, weenie boy?
- Get off me, old man !

l said it wasn't me!
I didn't do it!

- Think you're tough enough?
- Yes, l do!

You killed him.
You killed him, Matt.
You killed him!

You killed him, Peter,
'cause you didn't shoot that guy...

like you said you did!
You lied to me, boy.
And that's why Gunney's dead!

You're one of us!
You're family!

l'm glad l ran away from home
when l was a kid.

You understand?
lt's getting a little too cozy
down there, don't you think?

- You Iike barbecue?
- I love it.

l'm sorry, man!
l told you we didn't hire
no gunman !

Up in the tower!
It's the guy from the Bomb Bay!

l'll get the cable.
Get their attention. Then you beat it.

lt's a good plan,
but one thing's wrong.

There he is!
He's going up the side!