Detroit Rock City

I wish someone would tell
these chicks that disco's dead!

Don't stare too long, boys.
You'll go blind.

Yeah, right.
Stellas. I hate Stellas
almost as much as I hate dogs.

Yeah, man. Same species
when you think about it.

Shit, man.
That geek looks like Jam.

That geek is Jam.
Hey, dork!
Who did your wardrobe?
Tad the Preppie
Sailboat Captain?

My mom had me over a barrel,
all right?

After last night,
I had to let her dress me.

It's a give-and-take

She gives you shit,
and you take it.

Hey, Jam,
hand over the tickets.

There's a, uh...
Iittle, little problem.

They're still at my house
in Trip's jacket.

What are you talking about?
She was standing over me
when I was changing.

You are so pathetic.
That's some sick shit
right there, man.

Does she comb your ass hair
for you, too?

If she even smells
those tickets...

she'll destroy 'em...
and we miss Kiss
for the third year in a row.

It's gonna be OK.
Don't worry.

They're at my house.
They're perfectly safe.

We'll go there after school
and pick them up.

My mom's not even
gonna be there.

Hours from now we're actually
gonna be seeing Kiss.

We'll just double-time it
to your house...

grab the tickets...
then head
to the train station...

for the three forty-five
to Detroit Rock City!

Well, as they say
in the tampon biz...

see you next period.