Detroit Rock City

All right, fag-mo.
Have you learned
your lesson yet, puke?

if the lesson is that
you're a dick with ears...

and a really bad haircut...
I'd say yeah,
I learned my lesson.

-Break his fucking legs, Kenny.

Come on,
we can talk about this, right?

You know,
maybe reason a little bit.

When these guys wake up,
they're gonna look for you.

You best hope
they don't find you...

'cause if they do,
they're gonna kick your asses.

Oh, yeah, Stella.
And we'll deserve it, too.

But you know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna make it
really worth their while.

Oh, God!
Thanks for letting us
use your makeup supply.

You must have the entire
Revlon factory in your purse...

you greasy disco ball.
Very funny.
I hope you fuckin'
choke to death and die...

you loser-ass motherfuckers!
Disco sucks!
Fuck you!
Fuck! Fuck!
They put the fag makeup on you.
They put the fag makeup on?
The fuckin' fag makeup's on you.