Detroit Rock City

we got an hour
and forty-five minutes...

and we got absolutely nothing.
So help me, God,
we are going to that concert.

We must get the cops in
on this Volvo situation.

Lex, this is Detroit.
You think the cops will waste
city dollars on a Swedish car?

You're right.
My mom's got insurance.
Why am I freaking out?
It's cool. She's gonna try
to ground me for a year.

I don't give a shit, man.
Cool, bro.

Oh, shit!
Man, I'm in big trouble!

I'm in big fucking trouble!
The car's gone, man!

Shut the fuck up, man!
We're trying to think!
Wait a second, man.
I know how we can get
the fucking tickets, man.

We beat the fucking shit
out of four little kids.

take their fuckin' tickets.

Brilliance, Trip.
Sheer fuckin' brilliance.

Why don't you give
Albert Einstein here...

the fuckin' Nobel Prize?!
Look, I think I can
barter with a scalper.

If you guys can think of
a better plan, go for it.

For the next hour and a half,
it's every dude for himself.

We'll reconvene
at that intersection at 8:45.

I'll see you guys later.
Good luck.

I don't know
what the fuck we're doing.

Look around you tonight,

Look at all the young faces.
Oh, they smile
and they laugh...

but their eyes
have lost all hope.

This satanic group Kiss...
has stolen their souls!
I do not know
how you got here tonight...

and I do not want to know.
All I know is...
you are going to pay dearly
for this one, young man.