Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

I mean, stop stalling
and throw it already.

Ball hair!
Ball hair!

ball hair!

What we need
is a strike hair.

That other team is a bunch of
high-priced babies!

- Whores!
- Yeah! You tell 'em, baby!

[Crowd Cheering]
- [Crowd Booing]
- They called him out?

- Scrotum licker!
- Yeah!

Piss face!
Piss face! Piss face!

[All Chanting] Piss face!
Piss face! Piss face! Piss face!

Piss face! Piss face!
Piss face!

Deucey, you the best he-bitch
in my man-stable.

If I had two more man-ginas like you,
I'd be a millionaire.

T.J., I think
I'm gonna get out.

Sit down.
- This next date is what
we man-pimps call a doozy.
- What's wrong with this one?

- Nothin'.
- Have you seen her?

What is she, 80?
A hunchback?

She just got out of college.
Her girlfriends pitched in
to get her a little beefcake.

- She thinks it's a blind date.
- It's a guy, isn't it?

I don't think so,
but I have been fooled before.

You must be Kate.
Excuse me.

Uh, yeah, sorry.
We're busy tonight.

- All right, number four?
- Yes, thank you.

- I'm Kate.
- Are you sure?

I think so.
I'm sorry.
You're just not what I expected.

- Really.
- No, no.

I-I mean, in a good way.