On the record?
Can I use your name?
They don't get that it's a joke!
That just makes it funnier.
Unless you go on the record
or have documentation....

I have deadlines.
This is The Washington Post.

A documentation.
Like a piece of paper.

We have a piece of paper.
Hold on. We have a list of creeps.
We got it at the White House.

A list of creeps?
The Committee to Re-elect
the President.

It's to Haldeman. It has a list
of names, amounts of money and dates.

Go ahead. What do you have?
It's Magruder, Barker, Brown....
Can I help you?
-I'm cool.
-I'm sorry, go ahead.

Go away!
You actually have this document
in your possession?

Yeah, it's sitting right here.
But the only problem is that...
...we drew all over it, and I dropped
my grilled cheese sandwich on it...

...so it's kind of rank.
Benji, stop it. Get off!
Are you insane?
Or are your pants too tight?

Who are you talking to?
A source with proof that the Committee
to Re-elect the President...

...paid off the Water--
Paid off the Watergate burglars.
And the White House knows about it.
You can't have that conversation
on the phone!

It's too dangerous!