Choose life!
You're gonna burn in Hell,
ya fuckinĀ“ baby killer!

Holy shit. It's the pope.
- Huh?
- Where?

What areyou talking about?
Jesus! You're a Catholic.
Can'tyou talk to them?

They hate me more than you,
no doubt.

At least you have an excuse. You're
Jewish. You don't know any better.

We already used that excuse
when we killed Christ.

Where were you yesterday?
We went to brunch.

I went to church.
That still kills me,
you and church.

If only they knew your weekly tithing
came from a Planned Parenthood check.

I don't know why I still go, Liz.
I can remember going to church
when I was young and being moved.

Now I sit there every Sunday
and I feel nothing.

I don't think I have any faith left.
Remember that seminary student
I tried to set you up with?

The 20-year-old. The one I could
have baby-sat for in high school.

The point is,
he told me something.

He said that faith
is like a glass of water.

When you'reyoung, the glass is little,
so it's easy to fill.

As you get older,
the glass gets bigger.

The same amount of liquid
doesn't fill it anymore.

But periodically
the glass has to be refilled.

You're suggesting I need
to get filled?

In more ways than one.
You need to get laid, Bethany Sloane.
You need a man, if only for 10 minutes.

It's been my experience that
the average male is never a man...

not even for ten minutes
in his entire life span.

That sounds militant. Areyou thinking
of joining the other side?

Couldn't do it.
Women are insane.