Double Jeopardy

Nick. Uh, we need to talk.
Always happy to talk to you, Rudy.
Hey, Warren.

Did you get that notice
from First Seattle today?

Yeah. Yeah, as a matter of fact, I did.
- Good.
- Then you know.

- We've got a real problem.
- First Seattle is not a problem.

These martinis are a problem.
Do you mind?

- Not at all.
- Where were we? Right, First Seattle.

- Mommy?
- Hey, kiddo.

- How's it going?
- Hand off.

- Oh, you sack of potatoes.
- Ay-yi-yi.

Have you been carrying him
around the whole party?

- Yeah.
- We're never gonna marry you, Angie.

Mm, yes. Picasso.
Blue Period.
The artist's name is Kandinsky.
Wassily Kandinsky.
He was German, of Russian extraction,
1866 to 1944.

And by the way,
Picasso's Blue Period was figurative...

and ended in 1904.
And these watercolors
are abstract, done in 1911.

Everyone pipe down.
I'm about to give a speech.

Thank you for coming.
I always say the sign of a good party...

is when I'm having a better time
than anyone else, but...

now is the time when you're
expected to ante up...

for drinking all my liquor,
and eating all my food...

and spilling tomato sauce
on my couch, Bobby Long.

- Ooh...
- What, you didn't think I saw you?

- Oh, he's insufferable.
- I know it.

Now, we are here to raise a vast sum
of money for the Small Frye School.

So, while you are reaching
for your checkbooks...

it gives me great pleasure to
introduce Mrs. Rebecca Tingley...

our totally ravishing...
and completely adorable Headmistress.