Double Jeopardy

Help me out, kiddo.
It would really help
if you could remember...

what kind of car
she was driving.

- Well, it was an old truck.
- Yeah?

It's, um... I don't know
what year or make or anything.

Well, what color was it?
Kandinsky? It's a bit out
of our reach, I'm afraid.

I have a few Picasso
and Chagall lithographs.

Mm, no.
It-It's Kandinsky...

that I'm particularly interested in,
especially his Blue Rider period.

- I love that.
- Uh, well, uh...

Let's check Art Scan.
Kandinskys don't become available
too often, I'm afraid.

Here's a lovely little Miro.
- It's quite reasonable.
- It really needs to be Kandinsky.

Kandinsky... yes.
Ah! Here is a lovely
1922 Kandinsky lithograph.

- It's not quite the...
- The 1911 is all that interests me.

Stop. There. Yes.
Yes, that's it.

We've missed that. It was sold to
a museum in Munich six months ago.

Do you think you could find who sold it?
Perhaps they have more.

Well, uh, why, yes.
Yes, let's see.