Drop Dead Gorgeous

of the Lutheran
Sisterhood Gun Club.

Love that one.
Would you say...
you have a good chance
to win this pageant?

Yeah. You bet I do.
I mean, maybe other people think
I can't win a beauty pageant...

but other people didn't think
I could beat out...

Becky Leeman for president of
the gun club, either, and I did.

It's just like
Anthony Robbins says...

"I'm a winner.
"Nobody can stop me but me. "
Well, you know, I think
everybody's doing really well...

considering the fact
she was so young.

It's always hard to see
the young ones called home.

on an exploding thresher.

It's just so odd and gross.
You know, sometimes...
it's hard to understand
God's great plan.

But the show must go on.
I gotta get ahold of Ted...
and ask him if we can use that
barn light as a spot again...

so you watch
the Jell-O salad, OK?

You girls gonna sign up
for the pageant this year?

I ain't gonna be
in no goddamn pageant.

Look what happened
to that dork-ass farm girl.

Tammy Curry?
Yeah. Everyone says
this is a big accident?

She got iced
because she wins everything...

and this time someone
didn't want her to win.

This pageant's
like a Roach Motel.

Girls check in,
but they don't check out.

Yeah, and they say smoking's
bad for your health.

And... tendu, close.
Tendu, close.

Tendu, close, pliƩ.
And repeat.
Suck in the bellies, girls!
And tuck in the tushes!
Close those legs.
You look like a bunch
of bowlegged cows.

Other side!
And tendu, close. Tendu, close.
Tendu, close, pliƩ.
Yeah, you boys
sure picked a good year.