Tammy: lf that's the way
they wanted it,

then that's the way
it was gonna be.

But I wasn't going down
without a fight.

Paul: Tammy?
Tammy, what are you doing?
You're the advisor.
You should stop her.

She's not qualified.
She's just a sophomore.

Did you know that?
Calm down, Tracy.
Just calm down.

We can't both run, can we?
I mean, we're brother and sister.
Can we?
It's a conflict of interest,
and Paul was first.

Anybody who gets signatures
in on time can run,

and she got in
just under the wire.

These are a bunch of burnouts.
And what's this one?
It's illegible.

I can't even read that.
That's Tim...Cobsa.
She's doing this
to get back at me.

For what?
I mean, at you.
For what?
Tim Cobsa?
Tim Cobsa? Who's he?
I've never even heard of him.

Look, why don't we
just forget about Tammy?

We'll have the assembly tomorrow.
Everybody can make their speeches,
and I'm sure everything's
gonna be just fine.

Jim: Hey! Whee!
Diane: Jim, don't.
You're scaring him.

Nah. He likes it.
Not that much.
Jim: Around that time,
Diane and I were
hanging out a lot

at Linda Novotny's house,
giving her our love and support
and helping her make it
through a difficult time.

[Baby Crying]
Diane really wanted to have kids,
and so did l,
but it seemed like there
was always a reason to wait:

She had to finish
nursing school,

I had to get my master's,
we needed a new house,
we needed more money.

Finally, we just decided
to go for it.

You gonna do it?
You gonna do it?
Jim: And for over a year,
we hadn't had any luck.

Come on. Do it. Do it.
Fill me up. Come on.
Fill me up.
Fill me up.