End of Days

[ Woman ]
Christine ?

- Christine ?
- I'll be there in a sec !

[ Phone Ringing ]
Doctor's office.

Is Dr. Abel in, please ?

- Who's calling, please ?
- It's Christine York.

Christine, listen to me.
We've been over this before.

It's a terrible thing to lose your
parents. I know it was a long time ago.

The holidays always make
something like that feel much worse.

these dreams are your creation.
There's nothing real about them.

You control them.
They don't control you.

Take another Xanax
to relieve your anxiety.

You are fine. Trust me.
Another vision ?
Why didn't you tell me ?

- I didn't want you to worry.
- I'm your stepmother.
It's my job to worry.

No big deal, really.
Just someone on the subway car
turned into porcelain and shattered.

What's wrong with me ? Why do I
see things ? Why am I so different ?

Oh, you don't know
how special you are.

You're better than everybody else.
Just remember that.

I don't want to be better or worse.
I want to be normal.

- I want a normal life.
- You have to have patience.

All good things will come to you.
You'll see.

- Oh, excuse me.
- I'm sorry, we're closed.

I would like to talk to you
about Thomas Aquinas.

- Father, please, I need you downstairs.
-Just take these.

- Father, please.
- Go.

I've already told the police. Thomas
was a friend of mine and a colleague.

He had nothing to do
with what happened today.