End of Days

depicted in Michelangelo's
famous sculpture of the Pieta--

[ Male Newscaster ]
...atmosphere of fear and panic,
random acts of violence...

are being attributed to satanic cults
who seem determined...

to disrupt New Year's celebrations
throughout the world.

Here in New York--
Sorry, pal,
you can't come in here.

Ahh. The young boys that you seduced
have left their scent upon you.

Remember who it is
that you serve. Hmm ?

Open your eyes, Thomas.
[ Gasping ]
[ Grunting ]
Look. Look at the face that has haunted
your dreams for a thousand years.

[ Grunting ]
They say you can see
the future, Thomas.

Then you must know exactly
what I'm going to do to you.

[ Panting ]
[ Bobby ]I don't know what
we hope to get from this guy.

- He's got no fucking tongue.
- He can write.