End of Days


Everlast - So Long

D'you ever had bad dreams?
All I have is bad dreams...

I knew a man with a son
He bought him a gun
And learned Shorty just how to use it
Taught him huntin' and skinning
Right from the beginning
Built himself a mighty fine killer
But Shorty got picked on
Beat on and kicked on
Now all his classmates want to punk him
So the tears in his eye may catch him in the rye
Told his old man he went hunting
Never felt so free
Like his destiny
Their was someone out on the horizon
His heart went cold, he felt a hundred years old
Started pullin' back on the trigger

Chorus-I think I'm gonna die today
Everyone who hurt me's gonna pay
How can such a short time feel so long?
How can such a young life go so wrong?
Go so wrong

What'll it take
For you to really make it in life?

See me, hear me
But don't touch me
You should fear me
Hold your life dearly
Cause I'm seriously disturbed
That's my word
Straight to my mother
Wade, my brother
Found another
One to play sucker
Cause I ain't the one
Who has shaded your son
And took all your shine
Watch me get mine
And feel my love burn
Pay for my sins
Watch me grow turns
Psycho begins
Losses he wins
Angels in heels
Dancin' on top
Of Heaven, pimp
Don't know where I'm goin'
But I know where I've been
You can't hear a sound
Clappin' for a pound
I came to get down
I came to get dirty
I came to get even

(Chorus X3)

[Thanks to MessatsuShinkuu@aol.com for lyrics]