Extension du domaine de la lutte

The inner void expands.
That's it.
You detach from events
and hang in the void,
held half way from reality
by magnetic forces
of immense strength.
Let's go.
Gotta be up early.

Come on.
The first day in Rouen was over,
and Our Hero knew
with absolute certainty

that every other day
would be identical.

Good night.
How had it come to this?
When could I have
branched off to happiness?

As a kid, I loved science.
Especially the new concepts
in quantum mechanics.

I didn't go very far with it.
I had enough trouble
coping with real life.

I couldn't believe it!
The ambulance came too late.
They could have saved him.
43 francs 20.
But I probably wouldn't
have acted differently,

even in different circumstances.