Fortress 2

Quit using up all the hot water.
- Danny asleep?
- Why? Feeling bashful?

I won. I beat you, Dad.
What are you talking about?
You can't win.

They control everything
and everyone.

I'm not leaving without you.
Shall I release him from the hole?
He's already exceeded normal
life expectancy by seven hours.

Show me Brennick.
Why, suppose he's about done.
All right. Get him out.
Keep it moving.
I've got a tug full ofwater
waiting for you jerk-offs to finish.

- I thought you might be dead.
- No such luck.

- Tell me about it.
- Mind your own business.

First of all,
this is my business.

We're working round the clock because
John got a hankering to see his wife.

At least he had
the courage to try.

What the hell's
that supposed to mean?

It means he cares about someone
other than himself...

which is more than
I can say for you.

I ain't see no fan mail
come down here for you, either!

Instead of
arguing with each other...

maybe we should be trying to find
a way out of this place.

Yeah. Before things
get anyworse around here.

There's a contusion
on the subject's right patella.

There's a small abrasion
on the subject's lefthip.

There's still some evidence
of dehydration...

but the effects of hypothermia
have almost disappeared.

There is some
residual skinblemishes...

resulting from
cosmicradiation burns.