Galaxy Quest

The generator room.
The beryllium sphere,
of course.

And as we continue--
The medical quarters
are to the left.

We went through some trouble
duplicating your cellular regeneration--

- Jason, what have you got us into ?
- What are we doing here ?

- Wow, the floors are so clean.
- We're just here to negotiate
this guy Sarris' surrender.

- It's no big deal.
- And the organ fabrication chamber
is coming along nicely.

It's no big deal ?
- Are you crazy ?
We have to get out of here.
- Oh, come on, guys.

Jason, we are actors,
not astronauts.

You guys wanna go home ?
Say the word, we'll go home.

Pay our bills,
feed our fish,

fall asleep in front of the TV
and miss out on all of this.

Come on. Do you guys
wanna do that ? Anybody ?

Gwen, come on.
Look at where we are. We're in space.

Alexander, this is the role
of a lifetime. You guys wanna leave ?

We have enjoyed preparing
many of your esoteric dishes.

Your Monte Cristo sandwich is a current
favorite among the adventurous.

The main barracks.
At ease.
It's like throwing gasoline
on a flame.

What ?
I'm just jazzed about
being on the show, man.

If you would all take your positions.
- Our what ?
- Guys.

- Oh. Oh.
- Oh.
- Oh, wh-- Hmm.

Look, this thingy.
I remember--
I remember I had it all worked out.