Grey Owl

That way we keep a piece
of each other forever.

Will I see you again?
I don't know, Archie.
Like I said,
three months is a long time.

Who knows?
I'll look after the micks,
of course.

Jim will help me.
I'll be looking out for you.
You do that.
There he is!
- Mr. Grey Owl!
- This is the famous Grey Owl!

- Over here!
- Can you say something...

How does it feel to be in England,
Mr. Grey Owl?

Fifty venues booked so far.
Everyone wants to see you.
"The New Hiawatha. "
How about that?

Have you heard any more
about these profiles?

- What profiles?
- Someone working up a story on me.

Well, hell, Archie.
Everyone's doing that now.

They've never read anything like this.
You really are a star.

All we need to do now is
work on what you're going to say.

I know what I'm going to say.