Grey Owl

"Away," they say.
"We wanna get far away. "
Now look at this.
This is where I come from.
The land of Keewaydin,
the north wind.

They call it...
the far wilderness.
There's nothing there,
only green leaves,
clear streams,
sweet air...
and silence.
Used to make my living
trapping beaver.

I don't do that anymore.
I guess I learned shame.
And I learned it from this lady
you're looking at now.

Her name's Anahareo.
If it wasn't for her,
I wouldn't be here now.
Hey, nenemoosha.
Here's one reason why I love
the beavers. Just watch this fellow.

Clumsy, comical, right?
But you just wait.
There, in he goes.

There, in he goes
into the water.

Look at him now.
There's nothing clumsy about that.
Beavers were made for water.
Every creature
has its rightful place.