Grey Owl

Or this...
a gift from the chief
of the Sioux peoples.

Or this.
I guess that's
about as far as I can go.

Is it me?
I don't think so.
I'm not entitled
to wear this war bonnet.

I'm not a hero or a prophet.
Like most of us, I've done
what I've had to do to get by.

The only thing that gives me the courage
to stand before you tonight...

is the knowledge, the certainty,
that what I'm saying
is crucial to our survival.

We're not the lords
of this earth.

We're its children.
We lie in the lap of Creation,
in the strong arms of a spirit
greater than our own.

You know I'm gonna say,
"Protect the beaver. "

You know I'm gonna say,
"Stop cutting down the forests. "

You know I'm gonna say, "The money you
get isn't worth the price you pay!"

But here's some more.
If we can say
that there are some things...