Holy Smoke

My parents subscribe
to their magazine.

The Lord's Prayer is muttered
by traumatised, paranoid worms,

for a meagre existence.

- Traumatised worms?
- Traumatised paranoid worms.

What's happening.
Have they finished?

No. The good news is
she's shaken on it.

She'll do the three days.
He finally promised her a ticket
back to lndia. Excuse me.

He wants to leave
as soon as possible.

Where are they going?
He should have told me about it.
l'm supposed to be security.

A halfway hut. Says he can't
work anywhere near the family.

We're lucky to have him
in the circumstances.

His personal assistant's coming
from America. She's experienced.

l'm not thinking costs.
We HAVE to do it.

But what about
the security operation?

What about Fabio?
Do we send him home?

- Well done, dear.
- Fuck off all of you.

Madam, watch yourself
with your mother.

Hey, come on, Ruth.
You can talk, you hypocrite.
Where's your little love bomb?

- l don't know what you mean.
- Don't engage her.

Yes, you do.
Where's my half-sister, Dad?

Your secretary's
secret little love bomb?

What love bomb?
lf this cure works,
l'll be as fucked a liar as you.

Keep up with her. Go.
- To the rescue!
- lt's my go.

'Shoes, please, Ruth.'
'Day one -
lsolate her. Get her attention.