House on Haunted Hill

Better than nothing.
Not bad.
Down, big guy.
That was the most fun I've had aII day.
You need to get out more.
So who are you...
What? You mean Iike deep down inside?
We can start with the name
you were given at birth, take it from there.

I toId you aIready.
Jennifer Jenzen, Executive VP--

You're Iying. And I don't think so.
Why not?
I've never met an executive
who couId tie their shoes...

...much Iess rewire an entire buiIding.
-WeII, there's aIways exceptions.

What's the truth?
The truth is, if we keep taking rights,
we'II end up where we started.

We'II be out of here in a whiIe and go
our separate ways a $1 miIIion richer.

So what does it matter
who I am or who I'm not?

Okay, so Iet's say, hypotheticaIIy,
I'm not exactIy who I said I was.

So you're right, you're a genius.
I don't know anyone that couId've seen
through me Iike that.

:38:20 reaI name is Sara,
and I'm an assistant.

Was, anyway, to the reaI Jennifer bitch
that was invited here.

And now you know. And I'm begging
that you don't teII anyone...

...because I'm out of a job and couId use
even a tenth of that money.

You know, if this is your idea of funny,
think again.