Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Can't l worship with my
uncovered American head?

No, a turban is an essential
part of the ceremony.

You don't know anything!
Why don't you find yourself an lndian
bride to help you tie your pants?

They are noisy like children.
They have a right to enjoy today.
There's no use in
restricting their fun.

l'm talking about discipline.
You should be disciplined too.
What do you mean?

You're going to a music concert
during the Diwali festival.

How is the turban?
Amrita, when you fix my turban
my music becomes strong.

l'd be an average singer
without you.

Come home early today.
You should be here to talk
to your ltalian student.

Don't worry he knows many
languages including Hindi.

Did Nandini vacate her room
for the guest?

l had told her to,
but she became mad and left.

What's there to be mad about?
That's between you and your daughter.

l'll call her.