I Kina spiser de hunde

Everyone that doesn't want to get shot
get down on the floor!

Stop crying!
Stop crying, I told you.

-Stop crying, I told you.

-Are you gay?

Listen now, Henning. Gay-Henning.
Is that what they call you?

-If you don't stop crying-

-I'll send you to gay heaven,
and you wouldn't like that, would you?

An armed robbery was stopped today when the
31 year old bank accountant Arvid Blixen-

-struck the armed robber in the
head with his squash racket.

-Arvid Blixen, how do you feel right now?
-It feels a bit...

You are a hero, some would say.
I'll cut for a few seconds.

Don't look straight in to the camera.
Don't be nervous. Just look at me.

-Do you always carry your racket with you?
-No, I was supposed to play squash tonight-

-but I'll probably stay at home instead now.
And this is Henning's racket.

-You are still a bit shocked, right?

-What made you do such a thing?
-I don't know. I think I just...