I Kina spiser de hunde

It sounds strange,
but thats the truth.

I'm going to rob an armored transport.
I know exactly when it arrives-

-but I'm not sure how to go about it.
You are the only criminal I know.

We are going to rob and armored transport
together, Harald.

We are going to rob an armored transport?
The two of us?

-What is her name?

We are going to give Astrid and Franz money
so they can go away and get a child.

Nice, right?
-Is she going to get all the money?
-No. Don't ask such a stupid question.

Explain that part about "happiness" again.
It was wrong to strike down the robber.
One shouldn't stand in the way-

-of two peoples happiness.
-Good, isn't it?

You are going to rob an armored transport
to help some other people.

For once we are going to do something
that is right.

-It's not completely right, now is it?
-If Arvid says it is, then it is.

-One could say...
-Why are you interfering all the time?

You are going to get a crane
and a truck. Do you have the bag?