I Kina spiser de hunde

-Hard, isn't it?
-I softened up the gears.

-Did you soften up the gears?

We are done. After some problems
Peter has managed to soften up the gears a bit.

-Good, Peter.
-It is true.

Puk, are you ready?
Hey, Puk - are you ready?
-You aren't eating right now, are you?
He says he is all done.

It is the same hydraulic.
The same if you haven't used the
blowdryer in a long time.

If the truck is kept in the garage for a long time
then the oil will get thick.

Lunch is over. Lets go.
Here they come!
-What is happening?
-They are on their way.

Puk, lets go...
You don't expect that many people
to be gay...

-People in the government, high politicians...
-What the hell is that?

Drive, dammit!
Get this piece of crap going, for fucks sake !

Full speed!