I Kina spiser de hunde

He'll just buy goldchains
and crap.

I can't understand how it's
gotten a scratch here.

We got to get Franz out of jail.
Her husband. He's still in jail.

-he's got to get out.

I thought you might
help me with it.

-What's your plan?
-I don't know yet.

Find out how to do it and get back to me.
I'll help you.

But you better not call me
a psycho again.

Come on...
-No money.
-You have no money.

Hello. Hi, Arvid.
-A swine is really wild, right?
-Vuk wants some money.

Did you know that pigs can get an orgasm
that lasts for 30 minutes?

-Their orgasm lasts for 30 minutes.

-That cant be true?
-They don't get it every time though?

-No, no...

-Vuk wants some money.
-He gets his pay cheque.

-He doesn't think it's fair.
-Vuk doesn't need any money.