I Kina spiser de hunde

-Do you know much about this stuff?
-I've been in the military.

You could blow a hole
in a prison wall.

I could blow Amager up.
If Harald isn't using it.

you had kitchen duty.
You were placed in the food department.

It gives you a broad education.
-Sure you can do it?

Otherwise we can do a test explosion first.
Didn't we say 11.00?
-He was going to send the money with the mail.
-Shouldn't we use a bit less?

-It has to be realistic.
-I have a lot more.

-If anyone hears something...
-There is no one out here.

-Ok, Martin.
-Lower it down.

If you are blowing a hole in something
you need something heavy that can press-

-the explosives at the wall,
else you only get a very small hole.

They are good, right?
Arvid... You can do it.
When you press this one-

-it will detonate after 60 seconds.
-Get over here.

-Come on.

-Should I do it now?
-Sure. Press.

-Ok, let's go.
-Take this.