Idle Hands

Hey. What's up, man?
-What's up with you?
-l'm dry.

-So why don't you bring me a dimer?

This ain't Domino's, you lazy bitch.
Come over and get it.

Come on, man. l'm comfortable.
What's up, Anton?
Nice outfit!
Yeah? lf your mom had teeth,
she wouldn't suck dick so well.

What's your point?
What's up, Anton?
How's it going, brother?
Nice boxers.
Pass the chronic.
l'm sorry, man.
This bong is cashed.

You said he was holding.
l didn't say what l was holding.
That's messed up.
l hear if you combine nutmeg and
oregano, you can get pretty wasted.

All you do is smoke pot...
...and watch TV all day.
Don't get me wrong.
That's what life is all about.

But don't you think you should
have some ambition, a goal?

Yeah. l mean,
my dream life would be...