Idle Hands

:11:03 lie around and watch TV
while some hot broad delivers me food.

Until your parents
kick your oily ass out.

l haven't seen my parents
in a few days.

Maybe they're dead.
Party at Anton's.

What are you doing?
With a killer loose,
you can't rule out murder.

What killer?
Don't you watch the news?
l hate that fucking show.
Our little town is
in the national spotlight.

Local mailman, iced.
Barmaid at the bowling alley, iced.
You haven't heard about the twins?
They were jerking off
in the milkshake-maker again?

lced times two. Last night, when
they were working at Burger Jungle.

Anton, here comes your woman.
He's got serious problems.
Molly's lived across the street
for, like, what, ever?

Tell her about your
obsession with her.

-Start by telling her your name.
-Yeah, man. She's waiting for you.

She's not waiting for me.
Would you stop being such a puss
and go, like, ask her to the dance?

What dance?
lf you'd been to school recently,
you'd know.

Halloween thing in the gym?
9:00 curfew?
No trick-or-treating allowed?

Dumb-ass dance is the only option.
You guys going?
Hell, no. Can you see us
in stupid-ass costumes?

Grooving to Hanson and Jewel?
What do we look like,
total losers, man?

l see your point.
She dropped her lyrics book.
She'll catch you reading that
over her shoulder in biology.

Her songs are badass.
She's like a poet or something.

Go bring it back to her.
Be like a knight in shining armour.

She'd be all grateful, invite me in,
offer me a drink, l'd accept.