Idle Hands

You know what that means.
Feldstein twins.
The killer was wearing your shirt.
The killer was wearing me.
l'm the killer.
l'm gonna call 91 1 .
What's the number?
There's something wrong
with my friend.

l think he took
some nutmeg or something.

Mick, buddy.
-l would remember something like that.
-You would.

l'm not the killer. You know?
Yeah, l know. But if O.J.
could get off, then l'm sure--

Do you want a beer?
-No, thanks.
-You sure?

Talk to me!
What the hell is happening to me?
Pnub, man.
l didn't do it.
Okay, l did it.
But it was an accident.

l can't believe
you told me to smoke that shit!

Okay, Anton.
l have to leave now.