Idle Hands

Aren't you a little old
for ding-dong ditch?

Sorry about your bush.
No problem.
What were you doing out there anyway?
Jesus, look at you!
l was looking for my cat.
We got in a fight.
You sure got your ass kicked.
l did okay.
So you ran and hid in my bush.
l shouldn't be here.
l'm not myself today.
l'm someone completely different.
You're so shy.
lt's okay. l get it.
So let's skip this chickening-out,
sneaking-around stage.

No, you don't understand. l'm--
Do you want to come inside and talk?
You never gave me a chance to thank you.
That book is important to me.

...nothing cooler than
a chick bass-guitar player.

Especially one that writes
her own lyrics.

You read them?
l couldn't help looking in the book.
They're amazing.

Look, l even got
my favourites memorized.

Devil girl with nothing to lose
She got wind in her hair
Aand gum on her shoes