Idle Hands

Move it, people! Let's go!
Some of us are
on serious missions here.

There's evil out there,
and I gotta kick its ass!

Shit, my parents are home.
We'll have to pick this up later.

My parents might take offense to some
bloody boy banging their daughter.

-You want to see me?
-Come by at 7.

The curfew's annihilated our options,
but we can go to the dance.

l thought you said
the streets weren't safe.

l'll protect you.
Dearly beloved...
...we're gathered here today
because you're all dead.

And it's my fault.
Mom, Dad...
...what can l say? l mean...
:37:33 brought me into this world...
:37:35 put a roof over my head,
you fed me until l killed you.

lf you look at it that way, l haven't
been a good son, but l'm really...

...really, really sorry.
And wherever you are...
...l just want you to forgive me...
...because l'm gonna try to change.