Idle Hands

...the guilt must be making you feel
like shit inside.

You're still in high school?
Yeah, me, l got out
about three years ago.

l need your help.
What are you playing,
a little two-ball?

l gotta talk to you.
There's serious stuff going on.

Anton, can't you see l'm getting
a little action over here?

Oh, man. l can't believe
you cock-blocked me like that.

l thought we were buds.
Randy, wait!
l didn't mean to mess you up.

l need your help.
Piss off!
Fresh tomatoes....
Hey! Who are you?
New. Drive-thru duty.
Excuse me.
-Break time.
-All right.

Give me the Big Five with
the Spicy Safari Fries...

...the African Apple Turnover...
...and the Raspberry Rainforest Shake.
Slap some extra mustard
on that Jungle Burger.

Tell me everything you know
about the devil.

Aare you out of your fucking mind?
You listen to satanic music.
You must've picked up something.

Look, it's just music.
Like Mozart and that other fag....
Keep it clean.
Who, Beethoven?
That's the guy. It's just like
their music, only louder.

You gotta know.
l'm desperate.