In Dreams

In this vision,
did she get a fix on anyone else?

Only his hand.
He was holding her hand.

The little girl?.
Yeah, but it could've been a woman's.
Could have been... Oh. All right.
OK. OK, sir. Thanks for comin' in.

Detective! I'm waitin' here an hour.
My wife isn't makin' this up.

I'm not saying she is. It's been
a long day, give me a break.

Based on your information,
I'm lookin' for a man, a woman...

It's not really helpin' me.
Listen, listen.
I know you got a tough job.

I got a tough job too. I fly 747 s.
I got 350 people relyin' on me.
So do me a favour. Hear me out.
Don't treat me like I'm a wacko.

They already found her, Mr Cooper.
Bottom of a storm drain.
Stones in her pockets.

So you go back to flyin' your 747 s.
You take care of your people.

I gotta get back to the tedious
business of finding who killed her.

Thanks for comin' in.
There are 12 fairies, Mommy.
Oh. But you'll look the best.
I'm the only one that talks.
OK. Why don't you try it
one more time?

Then we'll go to dance class, OK?
Big breath.

Who's the fairest of us all?.
You're the fairest in this hall,
but Snow White's
the fairest...of them all.

Very good.
(Paul) Claire?
There you are.
You don't have to tell me.
I heard it on the news.

Guess I'm crazy again, huh?
Well, you got it wrong this time.
Yeah, I got a lot of things wrong.
- What's that mean?
- You know what it means.

I don't. What are you talking about?
I'm talking about the girl
you're seeing in Sydney, Australia.