In Dreams

I'm talking about me pretending
it hasn't been happening.

Don't look so surprised.
I'm not reading your mind
or your fucking letters,

but be more discreet
where you put them!

I took this girl to dinner once.
She got a crush on me.
I fucked up. I'm sorry.

Nothing happened.
Honey, listen to me.

Nothing happened.
I promise you. I fucked up.

This is what's been
fucking up the schedule?

No, this is not.
My schedule changes without notice.

This isn't about your schedule.
This is about you fucking someone!

But I didn't!
I wanted to, but I didn't!

Maybe I wouldn't have wanted to
if the woman I love
was here once in a while!

I mean, where are you, Claire?
If it's not one obsession,
it's another. You're gone!

Daddy, if I was real...
- Hmm?
- ..dishing out wishes...

- All right.
- What would you wish?

That I didn't need one.
OK, let's go.
- My wand cured the rain.
- Oh, thank God for that.

Let's take these off,
they'll get bent in the car.

- Are you coming?
- I'm coming in the other car.

- Let's go.
- Why?

I have to fly tonight, darlin'.
When I come back,
I'll stay much longer.

If your mother lets me.
Hello, flowers.
Hello, birds.
- Hello, Snow White!
- (Screams )

Please don't kill me.
I'm begging you. Please.

What have I done?
Please don't kill me.

(Fairies ) Please show mercy!
Please show mercy!
Please show mercy!
- Please show mercy!
- Run!

Run away and never come back
or your stepmother will get you!

(Applause )
I'll always remember
her beautiful smile.

She was so very kind.
- She made our house a home.
- She was very nice to us.

She so loved animals. (Crying)
She cleaned my glasses.