In Dreams

Just go to sleep.
(Man ) I know you've been dreaming
about me, Claire.

And I've been dreaming of you.
Oh! Ohh!
Jesus! Fucking...
It wasn't me, Paul.
It was a nightmare.

Don't give me "nightmare!"
You were wide awake and kissing me!
Aren't you taking medicine for them?
- It doesn't work.
- Look...

I will do just about anything
to get us through this, honey,

but you better tell me
what is going on in your head.

Paul, please, I can't talk about it.
You just bit through my fucking lip,
and you can't talk about it?

- You're gonna talk to someone else!
- No! No.

Then you talk to me. Tell me!
He killed Rebecca. And he knows.
- He knows what?
- He knows I'm dreaming about him!

Oh, Claire.
- That is really crazy.
- I know.

He's in my head. Who are you calling?
Your doctors!
- They can't help me.
- Somebody has to. I can't!

I've used up all my leave.