In Dreams

I wrote...
(Silverman ) Did you
write this, Claire?

Uh, yeah. I wrote that.
But somebody else
made me do it. (Laughs )

And who cut your wrists?
I did. (Laughs )
But did that someone else
make you do it?

No. That was all my own work.
- Why, Claire?
- I wanted it to stop.

- What did you want to stop?
- The laughter. The...

- The thing.
- The dreams?

Can you dream in the daytime
when you're wide awake?

I'm sorry. I'm not that strong.
I couldn't take it any more.

- What does this verse mean?
- I don't know.

- Is it from your childhood?
- No, it's not from my childhood.

(Laughs )
- It's from someone else's childhood.
- Whose?

It's, uh...
It's written on the walls
of a boy's room, and, uh,

the boy is chained to the bed,
and the room's filling up with water.

- So it's from a dream?
- Yeah.

And is it connected to
your dream of apples?

Yes. It's the same boy.
But in the orchard dream
it was a man.

- Can't you make sense of it?
- Would you like me to?

Oh, I would love you to!
I-I-I can't make sense of it.

But, um...
I have a feeling that...
they're all coming
from the same place.