In Dreams

Brought you some hot tea, honey.
It'll still be warm.
- I'm sorry. Do I know you?
- You're sharin' a room with me.

- They want me to keep an eye on you.
- I don't remember.

- You got some people in your head.
- Hmm.

What's the matter, honey?
You don't like the pattern?

(Whispers ) Can you keep a secret?
(Whispers ) Probably.
You won't think I'm crazy?
(Chuckling) Probably! I mean...
That man in my head was in
this hospital when he was a boy.

How do you know?
He stayed in this room.
He wrote that.

His name's Vivian Thompson.
Ooh, la-la! (Chuckles )
Did anyone ever get out of here?
I wouldn't start thinkin' that.
I'm not talking about me.
I'm talking about somebody else.