In Dreams

I'm not obsessed,
I'm possessed, Doctor.

He's feeding me dreams bit by bit.
Why's that, Claire?
Maybe he's lonely.
Maybe he's lonely, Doctor.

Have you a name for him yet?
Yes, I have.
His name is Vivian. Vivian Thompson.

There's a town covered in water.
Someone left him in it.

He was taken to this hospital.
He stayed in my room
and he's feeding me dreams.

Why do you think that is, Doctor?
Because he wants to stop.
He wants me to stop him.

It sounds psychotic to you,
doesn't it?

You used that word, Claire.
But follow it through,
Doctor, psychotic or not.

I've gotta let him possess me...

Let him take me to him.
So what does that make me? Psychotic?
Delusional?. Obsessional?. All three?

If you admit that it's delusional,
we might be getting someplace.

So, what's it say
on the wall, Ethel?.

It's some kind of nursery rhyme.
So, I'm not insane?
Not many of us are, honey.
- Go to sleep.
- That's a good idea.

Sleep's the only way to reach him.
He's out there hunting another
little girl, and I've gotta stop him.

Whatever happens, though, promise me
one thing - don't wake me up.