Les Amants criminels

I'm standing before you.
I'm taking off my shoes.
Unbuttoning my skirt.
Should I take off my top
or my panties next?

It's up to you.
OK, boss.
I'll take the top off.
I'm unbuttoning my shirt...
I'm down to my bra.
Unfasten it.

What are you doing?
Come closer.
You're in no hurry!
There, it's done.
Now I'm topless.
My nipples are hard.
Should I moisten them?
I'll do it.
Too late, it's done.
Hands behind your back.
Now take off my panties.
With my feet?
No, with your teeth!
I'm here.
I can feel you.
What happened with that chick?
She was hotter
than all the other bitches combined.

Hotter than the cross-eyed senior?
Yeah. She grabs me in the cafeteria
and says "Said, I'm ready!"
You gonna fuck her?
She's coming to the gym tonight.
- You're gonna do it there?
- Sure. Nobody'll be there.

I'm gonna make you hard.
Can I take off the blindfold?
No, keep it on.
Don't move, just play dead, OK?