Les Amants criminels

One significant fact...
that may inspire
your interest in the poet

is that Rimbaud wrote
his entire work...
What are up to?
I'm listening and taking notes.
- Would you read the text?
- OK.

- What page?
- 146.

"I swallowed a mouthful of poison.
My entrails burn.

The venom twists my limbs,
deforms me, floors me.
I'm dying of thirst.
I can't cry out.
This is hell,

eternal punishment.
See the flame rise.

I'm burning as I should. Go, Demon!
I believe I'm in hell, so I am.
The catechism is at work.
I am slave to my baptism.

You made my misfortune
and you made your own.

Poor innocent.
Hell cannot attack pagans.

I'm still alive!
Later, damnation's delights
will be more profound.

Quick, a crime!
That I may fall into the void,
by human law."

What do you want?
- How's it going?
- It's going.

What's wrong? In a hurry?
Can't you tell?
You don't come see me box anymore.
I'm busy.
You decided?
Decided what?
To sleep together.
Fuck off, asshole!