Les Amants criminels

We were already together!
OK, I won't tell you.
It was like a maze where he took me.
He started kissing me
and feeling me up.

I didn't want to anymore.
You mean you had wanted to?
Stop thinking about yourself.
This is serious, Luc.
What happened was terrible.

I'm sorry.
So, I didn't want Said
to touch me anymore.

I just wanted to leave,
go home.

But Said got upset.
He said not to move,
twisted my arm.

Four of his friends came,
wearing ski-masks.

What did they do?
They raped me.
All four. One after the other.
I struggled, but it was no use.
It just got them more excited.
They had me pinned down.
So I just let them. I was crying.
Did Said also...
No, he didn't touch me.
He watched and jacked off.

He had a camera.
He kept taking pictures.
- What'd he do with them?
- Don't know.

He said I'd get them
if I slept with him.

Why didn't you tell the cops?
Nobody would believe me.
You see why I want to kill him now?
I need you, Luc.
I don't know, Alice.
Killing someone...
I could beat the shit out of him.

You think that would fix everything?
Do it for me, Luc. For love.