Liberty Heights

I even thought Ping Der was Jewish.
The "Ping" part didn't sound Jewish,
but I assumed it was a nickname.

Her brother's name was Minhuey,
and that definitely sounded Jewish.

I sensed there was a world beyond
what I knew...

... when I had lunch at
Butch Johnson's house.

Something wrong, Ben?
No. This is fine.
I just never had raw bread before.

We always cook it.
You know, toast it.

I can do that.
There's too much white here.
The milk's white, the bread's white.

It's all white stuff.
What do you normally have?
Not this.
What was on the bread?
Luncheon meat.
I've never heard of it.

Not bologna? Not salami?
No, luncheon meat
with mayonnaise and milk.

Everything was white.
Well, they must not be Jewish.
They're the other kind.
A couple of years later,
I began to realize...

... that the other kind was
about 99% of the world.

I went to school thinking
everyone was Jewish.

Now I know almost no one is Jewish.
The other kind.
I was reminded of that revelation the
summer Murray, Sheldon and myself...

... went to the
Turkey Hills Swim Club.

She's gotta be the most
beautiful girl on earth.

Look at those cigarettes. So sexy.
So sexy.
She's gotta be wild. If she's doing
that with a pack of cigarettes...

...she's gotta be wild.