:02:01 it from fur, fin, from the heaven-
pointing spires of old-growth spruce...

... or from the buried treasures of gold
or black energy-rich petroleum.

A land visited each year
by the relentless and mysterious salmon.

Each river and stream welcoming home
the king and sockeye....

--the coho and dog, pink or humpback...
...which is smashed into cans...
...and quick-cooked to give the
colourful local folks something to do...

...other than play cards
and scratch their nuts all day.

A land where that nice old lady
from Fort Lauderdale...

...who had the stroke
three cabins down...

...was probably parked next to the
thawed-out halibut you'll eat tonight...

...while your floating hotel
chugs through the Hecate Strait...

:02:44 deliver its precious
load of geriatrics...

:02:47 the hungry
Visa-card-accepting denizens...

...of our northernmost and
most mosquito-infested state!

What's " redolent"?
Having or emitting an odour.
You mean people wanna
come here because of the smell?

Pleasantly fragrant!
-Not talking about this place.
-Damn right!

Soon as they close this down, they'll
turn it into a tourist attraction!

They'll disinfect the joint, and you can
get a job in one of those cases.

Like in a museum.
One of those displays.

Dioramas. In that diorama...
...they'll hang fake fish guts
all over you, put a label underneath:

"Typical Filipino Cannery Worker" !
Probably pay better than this.
I'll be out on the water in my boat...
...and every time I make a set...
...there'll be a floating
nursing home...

...with 500 sons of bitches and
their cameras capturing the moment.

And what boat is this?
My boat.
You don't have a boat, honey.

Oh, yes, I do.
I'm getting it back today.