Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Jesus! lf I pick 'em up,
will they stay in one piece?

Where'd you get them?
I got contacts. Listen, Tom -
you point them at me, I'll shit
myself or do whatever you say.

Either way you get
the desired effect.

They look very nice, I agree.
They're lacking in criminal
credibility, ain't they?

I might get laughed at.
How much d'you want
for these muskets?

700 each.
What - a pound for every year
they been about?

They're antiques, but I ain't
paying antique prices.

Bit long, ain't they?
Sawn-offs are out.
People want a bit
more range these days.

I don't wanna blow the arse
out of this country,

but I don't want anyone
blowing a raspberry either.

I want to look...fucking mean.
Of course you'll look mean.
You'll look really scary.
Enough. What about
this geezer who sells drugs?

Rory Breaker's standing by.
You stand to make a lot
of money, tubby Tommy?

I understand
this has come as a shock.

Let me tell you
how this can be resolved

by you, the good father.
Go on.
- He likes your bar.
- Yes.

He wants your bar.
D'you want me
to draw you a picture?

Look, that boy doesn't know
his arsehole from his earhole.

This is my bar. It's got
nothing to do with him.

What, and I care?
Remember, you have
the luxurious advantage

of being able to sustain
your son's life.